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it happened on a saturday.... - WestGamer
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howdy all have seen some good writers on here and thought i may be able to jump on the band wagon with a part battle report part background story...

He scanned the horizon yet again.The High-Mag bino's revealing incredible detail with every sweep of his eyes but always the same result, sand, spinafex and shard grass tufts, and dust devils.They had been chasing ghosts for weeks. The calls come in for assistance from outlying townships and villages but by the time they arrive there is nothing but smoking debris, bodies and tracks.... sometimes only hours old but always fading to nothing. Almost as if there really were ghosts on the rampage .... but .... he had seen the boot prints and tracks many times before, in another life.
Tyrus Il Morthiem hadn't always been an imperial guardsman, let alone the commander of the 1st Tallearyan Long Range Patrol Group. His mind was drifting back to a time when he did bring battle to all who oppose The Imperium and all Her worlds. To when he wore the power armour of a marine,when his bolter barked death to those who dared to challenge His will .... back several centuries to before that loathesome filth's claw had changed his life irrereversibly,he shuddered at the memory.
"Sh*t, " he thought,"thats the third time today I've drifted off to 'lala' land. This constant empty terrain is starting to drive me to distraction...."
('glint' in the distance)
"Driver, 0475 mils NOW"
He knew he didn't have to yell, as Chalky had seen it too and the Bradley was already leaning with the turn, but it felt good to do SOMETHING at last. Looking over his shoulder he could see the rest of company vehicles matching speed and direction and keeping their "arrowhead" formation with dust clouds billowing for 'clicks' to the rear.
What felt like hours (but in reality was only thirty minutes) the Bradley came to a somewhat dirt encrusted halt as Chalky suddenly realised that the change in front of him was a sizeable drop to what appeared to be a dried salt lake.He had unconsciously dropped the volume of the headset already in expectance of the verbal torrent that normally followed but 'The Boss' was already on the deck beside the vehicle, intently studying the crude but extremely large tracks leading onto th lakebed and coming to a very sudden stop .... then nothing!
The reflection they had seen before had come not from the tracks, but from an enormous shell almost buried out on the flat. Even with not much more than the base visible it was still about as wide as a Bradley, and only the Emperor knew how long.Tyrus careful examination of the shell was brought to a quick end with Sparks' hailing him to a call from Base that needed his immediate attention.
Sitting in the cool of the comm's truck he was put on 'Vidcon' to 'Old Man Matrius', the venerable Commander of the 7th Mechanised Light Horse Battallion.
"Lt Morthiem ... good to see your keeping busy. Just had a very odd report from 2nd Alantrian Ranger Company, currently on a live fire ex in the ruins of Henta at the foothills of the Ranges only a few hours from where SatNav puts your pos. Early yesterday afternoon, one of the scout patrols came upon a recently used campsite which they initially thought to be just recreational, so marked it and moved on without investigation."
Just nodding but thinking 'Nothing strange there at first thought' the Lt waited for the 'Old Man' to continue.
"Late yesterday, the same squad happened to see a bunch of "real weird looking wagons" go up over the the ridge line along the Ole Mud Pot Track, again they initially put it down to some o the local boys n their Mud Boggers just out for a bit of larrakin so again marked it all out, numbers etc,etc..."
Again, not saying anything just listening, Lt started to get an itch at very area on his neck where there was a large but almost invisible jagged scar line.
"Now here is where the odd starts. Last night at 2312 hrs, the standing patrol on Spikeback Ridge stood to after hearing weapon fire on the other side of the ridge line. Immediately following was what sounded like a real dust up between two groups of hotheads with large bore weapons and too much horsepower and liquor to be safe. They remained at Stand To for most of the night and got in only a couple of hours ago, but the real tweaker here is that they had no comm's from just before the ruckus started to only a click or two out of the company position."
At that last comment, Tyrus knew exactly where the Old Man was headed,which was confirmed only seconds later....
"We need to know exactly whats happening up there Lt, and currently your group of lads are the only thing that we know can get in and out pretty quickly ,AND has enough punch to be able to quell any shenanigans that may ... or may not be handed out. With all this business thats been popping up around that area lately we may just be able to get to the cause and hopefully end it."
"Aye Sir, the boys n I be happy to poke our collective noses in up there and maybe even break a few if need be. They're a good bunch of lads and could do with a bit of a 'donny' to ease the tension of late."
"By the way Tyrus, even I have a funny feeling about this, so get in, get the info we want and get out ..."
"Aye Sir, will do. Get in, get the eyeball n get out ... understood Commander" as he saluted the screen.
"Lt Morthiem .... just so you understand... once you have 'the eyeball' as you eloquently put it, GET OUT!! Thats an order...."The screen faded to black as Commander Matruis returned the salute.
Tyrus sat for a second as the words "get in, get the eyeball and get out" seemed to bounce in his head. Sparks was just about to open his mouth when Tyrus stood,opened the rear door and returned to the searing desert glare.
"Everyone in, O Group NOW"
Within a minute all but the sentries were crowded in an orderly fashion at the rear of the Lt's Bradley.
"OK lads , the Old Man has just been on the phone and we're off to a 'job'.Info is a bit on thehazy side but it sounds like some of the local yokels have been unloading up near Spikeback Ridge. As it so happens No. 2 Rangers also happens to be there on a live fire ex. I know , I know. why they haven't closed off the range is beyond me but from the sound of things these boys probably wouldn't take much head in being told to 'No Go' in their own backyard so the Boss wants us to go and ummmm(scrarching his chin and looking up) ...Be REAL polite if'n y'all catch muh meenin!" said with all the drawl Lt could put on.
The next half hour was spent with everyone taking notes on who was where, had what and what to do if it all went tail up. Hopefully a little more detail would be shed on reaching 2 Coy's location in several hours time.
"OK lads, thats it. Time is 1330 hrs on my mark ..... 5 ..........2...1...MARK".
"Mount up, move out and commence comm's silence at 1600. Rebrief once we're in 2's AO."

Install 2

Several hours and seemingly endless clicks later, comm's had been quiet so 'comm's silence' didn't make any noticable impact. The company hit the base at Henta Range at 1635 hrs slowing only to register with the range sentries and continued at speed so as not to run out of daylight before hitting 2's position and getting set for the night. The road was old but still in fair condition and easy for the vehicles to negotiate. 1705 saw Tyrus pulling into the southern outskirts of Hedrala.
Hedrala, a centuries old mining city that once prosperous, was now only ruins following a major uprising between the company employees and contractors about 130 yrs previous. The city was essentially destroyed and only used by the armed forces on exercise for the last 5 decades. The second Alantrian had moved into the city late that morning in preparation to the final stages of the exercise.
Tyrus company was holding at the rear of 2's Hq with engines running while Lt was meeting with the Hq unit.
"Lt Tyrus, heard you were headed this way", a voice from further back in the tent. "Good to meet you, I'm James Robert MacGrath, but the lads call me 'Jimbob'" said a young but swarthy looking lieutentant moving to shake hands. Moving to the green lit 'ops board' and gesturing to various positions and icons lit up, "The bombardment began as planned but quarter of an hour into it, figures were seen to be moving through the ruins immediately to the position front. The scouts were sent to get them out of the danger area as quick as possible and hopefully without casualties. The squad had just gone from visual when shooting erupted from their general direction. One of the snipers watched as one of the younger lads came limping over the top of the rubble piles. Turning to return fire, he was literally torn apart by gunshots from further in the ruins. Through their scopes the snipers were able to observe what they thought were just humans, but moving out into th light revealed themselves to be snotlings and what they think are ork..."
Tyrus drew a sharp breath and hissed,"ORKS....... are you sure ?? What the in chaos teeth could that green pus want here!"
Lt Jimbob scrathed his head in thought,"Yes they are orks. Even checked myself as I had the same reaction as you did, but I can definitly say what I saw were orks. What they want is anyones guess. As far as we know the mines have been closed off and were all bt done with when the riots broke out. We don't even have a confirmed number of the scum to give you, all we can confirm is that we have at least a 'boyz mob' holed up in the ruins directly to our front. The heavy lads have been exchanging intermittent potshots with them since they showed themselves."
"What about other support in the area? You've mentioned arty already, I was just wondering how much and where?" Lt Tyrus asked.
"Just getting to it." Lt Jimbob said as he expanded the map to show the surrounding hills and ruins complete."Here in the southeast corner is no.2 Towed Battery and in the southwest is no.3. Both units from 4 Field Regiment out in the Riverine Agri belt. Currently 2 is just short of their new posi, had some mechanical trouble with the tractors so they're doing the best they can. Since we're smack in the middle of things I've deployed 7 and 8 self propelled batteries half way between us and the flanks so they have max. field of fire and can hopefully cover the majority of the city. At the western edge of the outskirts and through the base of Spineback a squad of Salamanda's from 1/4 Cav have spread out to let us know if they try to send anything down the hills. The snipers have swung round to the west and holed up in an old office building .... or whats left of it. Their sergeant 'Brazza' told me "It was on a hunch." so i let him run with it. Hopefully it may give us some early warning if there is someone sneaking around on the left flank. Lastly we're expecting a fire team of troopers from 537 Airwing in the next 15 mins. Once here we'll see what happens and hopefully be able to drop them and a heap of fire on top of any hotspot that may or may not turn up."
Just at then a corporal handed a sig to Jimbob who looked up saying" A spot of sunshine I hope, seems like a fli...."words trailing off as the radio's suddenly went bezerk with chatter and gunfire could be heard from comm's and outside.
"Sir, snipers just spotted a heap of jumpers come straight out of the ruins to their front." a young private holding his headset on as if trying to close off other noise.
"Tell em 'Fire at opportunty presents'"
Lt Jimbob picked up a headset and spoke" All units in Dusty Groto, condition is red, hostilities commenced. Fire at 'opportunity presents'. Take care and may The Emperor guide you."
"Looks like the Green Bast*^ds want to make tod...Hang on....."Jimbob looking troubled...
"Brazza just spotted a heap of ork armour rolling down the western edge of town and i just heard a flight of fighters fly over him. Sam, let those arty boys know they got company on its way, and for gods sake find out if 2 Batt are in position yet."
Having seen this scene played out a hundred times before,Tyrus stayed in earshot but out of the way as the 'Ops CP' rapidly became an area of urgent activity. The comm's operators were desperatly trying to take notes on what was happening and it became rapidly clear that things were going badly for someone in the western area...
The next 5 minutes he watched as Jimbob issued orders to operators calmly but the knuckles of his hand holding several sig reports became white as the sig's passed on sitrep after sitrep. He finally walked over to the Op's board where he saw the sniper icon had disappeared completely and was joined by Jimbob after a few moments.
Tyrus spoke first,"Helluva day it's turned into.Whats the situation?"
"That's an understatement and it's all turned purple. 2 Battery were caght as they were getting the guns into firing position so we lost a whole crew,gun and tractor to armour there. 8 SPG was hit by the fighters as they came throught the west flank. Again lost a gun but the other 2 are holding."Jimbob was looking intently at the Op's board,"The worst part is Brazza and his boys were taken out. those jumpers he saw turned out to be a full squad 'Stormboyz'. Jimmy over there heard the lot, right up when Brazza was executed by the merciless pigs.Not what i wanted one of the newbies to be getting on their first assignment. Mind you the eastern flank seems to have had better luck. 3 Batt shot down 2 of the enemy fliers as they passed overhead. 7 SPG has been shaken a bit but they're on the ball as we speak, and the 1/4 Cav boys have fired on enemy armour they spotted moving through one of the valleys,so thats temporarily stopped them."
No sooner had Jimbob finished than the faint whistle of large shells overhead, then the deep rumble of impact felt just before several explosions were heard not too distantly.
Tyrus "I take it thats 7 being 'on the ball'?"
Jimbob "Yeh, one the heavy lads passed on some co-ordinates through here after he saw snot moving around in front of em. I just hope a few caught a bad case of shrapnel!"
"Well Wtih you there Jimbob, now what about us?"
"From what Brigade had told me bfore you got here, you were expcting a fight anyway so you came ready. The plan was for you to move through at speed and 'have a look', then get back here so we could work out what's out there and push through,or consolidate and wait for reinforcements. There's an old factorium on the far edge of the city. Its in ruins but its big with lots of cover and enough room for your men and vehicles. Across the road is an old apartment thats lost a side but its high and a good recce point. Both are here," said Jimbob pointing to the high side of the ops board,"but its right through the middle and we have no idea what else they may have. Its far from ideal but if it works we may just be able to split it all up and start to work on them piece by piece."
"Yep it sucks all right, and if it turns to pot our collective asses will be swingin in breeze. But we won't know til we try. Let you know when we get there." Tyrus replied and turned to the door.
"Tyrus,may the the Emperor guide you," called Jimbob,saluting as Tyrus reached the entrance and turned around."and good hunting!"
Returning the salute Tyrus replied, "May the Emperor guide you Jimbob. Good luck!"
Striding to his Bradley,he ehld out his hand to catch his headset that was thrown from the drivers hatch by the watchful Chalky.
"Ok you lot here it is. We have to get to the far edge of town,set up shop and make sure that slime cannot meet up. while we're there we may come under the odd shower or two of fire from orks. Yes you heard me right those rednecks are orks. Smelly ugly bast*^ds,but they are hard buggers and like big guns."
Vaulting up onto the front of IFV he didn't skip a word just kept on speaking as he dropped into th top hatch"Keep your eyes open and your fingers on the triggers. Once we're clear of these boys position any thing that moves from here ...'Nail it'and make sure it damn well stays 'Nailed'. Once into postion all crews debus and set up firing points 'pronto'. Thats it lads .... move out ... battle speed ... standard formation."

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This is the first install. following will be "what really happened" .........

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wooo tyrus yeah!

im a little confused as to why a space marine is an ex-space marine in charge of some imperial guardsmen though...

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I thought it would be different if a space marine recieved a near fatal wounding (fatal several times over for us mere humans), and even though he lived, the surgeries and recovery did not return him to 100% conditioning required for a front line marine. He was noticably slower in reaction times across all spectrums (physically and mentally). His physical and mental stamina have only returned to approx low 90 percentages (at best) and show increased deterioration in prolonged exposure to stimuli, conditions and fatigue. Since he was inducted into service from a home world and is not 100% progeny, rather than waste a whole heap of time, effort, training and general CDF, he was given an option to return to service with a guard unit for the rest of his years.
The fella almost had his head ripped off by a genestealer on hulk ... and lets face it, by human standards he'd still be super human lol.
drew :-)

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Good stuff Drew.

I think I know what's coming next 8)

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okies all have added a shade more since the first post.

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The Bradleys exhausts barking,all drivers gunned their respective vehicles to speed, the tracks sending small showers of sparks from the paved surface as the group moved out and into the city.
Moving at speed they only encountered a few shots bouncing from the armoured hulls as they sped through the deserted and mostly clear streets. The occaisional chatter of cannon fire reverberated fo the buildings.Coming into a large intersection Tyrus spotted the objective looking exactly as described by Jimbob and seemingly clear of enemy.
Pulling up onto side of a large crater he swept a 'soldiers eye' over the terrain making mental notes as to what to put where as he went. Leaving his headset on he jumped from the hatch onto the top of the Bradley then landing lightly beside he was already sending a steady stream of orders over his comlink to the drivers and crews placing all as he went.
"Josey, your boys over behind that corner,Max,set that mortar here. Moz that gun there beside Josey. Hamdog,.....HAMDOG you dumb sh*t get those boys some cover from that open road. Jimmy "as he grabbed a large guardsman running past with a heavy tripod,"You,Tram and Mets teams set up in that building covering that west road. Hoz,get that team behind that wall before i come over there and ......" his voice trailing off as he felt vibrations through the pavement. Going unnoticed to the rest of the company (they were a tad busy finding cover and setting firing points) he felt it again.
Whilst thinking several dim eventualities all at once and continuing his instruction and hurry up to his men through the headset, it came to a grinding halt when some of the boys in the the corner of the factory rather unexpectedly opened up with their heavy bolters. The deep 'chud-chud-chud-chud' of the heavy gun letting all present know the enemy had come upon them.
From around the corner of the opposite building came a large group of what looked to be rubbish bins on steroids mounted on various frames with engines. Men shouting to 'take cover' and 'close up the vehicles' could be heard as belching black smoke, the 3 lead burner wagons poured a torrent of liquid forth into the rearmost Bradley whose troop door was still open with a couple of lads trying to get their weapons out. The screams were inhuman and lasted only seconds thankfully, as the ammo that they had went up and blew them and their IFV asunder with a dull 'whoomph'.
Not to be outdone though, from out of the street on the left, succesive blasts sounded followed by a shrill scream of shells through the air. The Tallearyans' kept their heads and everything else down as more explosions rocked the area resounding off the walls around them and throwing debris, smoke, shrapnel and the occaissional body part through the air. Just as the last of the debris was falling to earth and some of the braver lads began to peer from under helmets, 2 enormous coughs were heard from the very same street and the very earth herself seemed to heave and shake. The concussion from the massive shells stunned most of the remaining guardsmen and tossed them like leaves in a breeze. Again several men were not to get up and another Bradley looked like a giant had mashed into the ground with a cleaver.
Al Raheem, the company's Commissar was one the first to be up, moving around the groups of men he knew were close, trying to get them up and ready again for any assaults that he feared may be coming after such a bombardment. The shells were starting again but mostly smaller arms this time more intent on just keeping them suppressed, but some of the men were returning fire with the heavier weapons from the IFV's.
Tyrus raising his head from the crater he had landed in surveyed the damage. He saw the red caped figure of Al Raheem moving through the men trying to get them organised. He recognised the hulls of 2 wrecked Bradleys with several bodies lying near them. Still carreening around their front were the 'burner wagons' moving to close for another pass. What really shook him was what had become visible from down the street where the shells had come from.
"Stompers.... No wonder they hit us so hard. But what the hell of two worlds is that? Max take a look, at the rear of the mob."
Raising his High-Mag's and adjusting he sucked in his breathe. "Sonuva... it looks like a Gargant , ... but it doesn't seem to be that far away..."
Tyrus, "I think it's a super.. what the hell ???? Raheem," he screamed, "get 'em ready, they got a Landa comin in, right on top of us!"
Following Lt's outstretched arm Raheem looked up as the shadow passd over him. "Here we go men."he shouts, "This is what the Emperor has called us here to do. Make ready for immediate assault. Gunners, hit em hard soon as they show then concentrate on the rear soon as we engage."
Tyrus listening on the headset passes on last orders to Max who starts issuing a stream of figures for the mortar teams. The gunners already opening up on the huge airship billowing clods of dust and gravel in every direction.
A sudden and tension filled quiet erupts on the battle as the dust begins to settle only to be broken again as the Green tide burst forth from their transport with a gutteral "WWWWAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGH".
Al Raheem and Tyrus, as one answer with their own primal scream of rage to be joined by the rest of the troopers only too glad to finally let all the fear and rage that had built up, be given voice and directed at something.
With weapons blazing and lasguns cracking, both sides met with bone shattering ferocity. Screams and yelling from man and ork, with the accompanying rhythmic heavy weapons boom and rattle of automatic weapon fire were the orchestra for the resulting battle which although ferociuos and bloody was over quickly.
The guardsmen, though outnumbering the orks 2-1, had suffered barrages from the scorchers and stompers and erstwhile as they are, they were still only human and it had telling effects.
Secondly the orks had a very wily 'Big Boss' guiding the fray. He had sent the Grots in first to engage the human soldiers then let his Warriors loose once they were occupied, it was a wise decision. The grots bore the brunt of the assault but when the ork warriors came through they literally tore into the already busy troopers causing most of the infantry casualties and forcing the line back in between the vehicles.
The supporting fire was being poured onto the hapless lads. The Scorchers,the armoured column from the east, the Stomper Mob with 'Da Big Boss' and lastly the exiting Landa were still not finished with the luckless troopers and casualties piled up from both vehicles and men.
Tyrus and Raheem were busy trying to hold what was left of fighting troopers together and get them into the waiting IFV's whilst the ork warriors were still pressing in their attack. Max, the newly appointed 2IC, was desperatly trying to direct fire in support of the troops trying to withdraw and get the remainder of the heavies back to the vehicles, including himself.
A very brief lull settled as the orks readied for another assault, and it was in this heaven sent minute that all who could hastily departed their precious cover and made for the awaiting Bradley's. engines were being gunned and men were being dragged in doors by waiting hands as the once proud Tallearyans made a speedy exit towards the rear position still fortified by the Rangers.
An enraged and very much soot, blood and mud caked Tyrus burst through the ops tent to a much surprised Jimbob who was concentrating on incoming reports from the surrounding positions. Moving to meet Tyrus in the centre of the floor he was greeted with "Don't ask, just get brigade online now. We had our @#ses handed to us by that scum. I've no idea what anyone else was up against but we got caught in a crossfire from armour, scorchers AND a Stomper Mob. To top it off they had a Landa drop some VERY unwelcome company on top of us which turned out to be entirely to close a call. So far we've lost about 3/4 of the troopers and several heavy weapons squads. There are a handful of lads carrying injuries but will still fight to which I've sent them to reinforce your position here as i don't believe those green p*^$ks will leave us alone now they know we're here AND they've given us a pasting."
Jimbob " So what you're really saying is........"
Tyrus "Yeah. Dig in and hang on for as long as we can, ...... and pray someone can send us something that will help us crush those walking tin cans before they get anywhere near a seriously populated area and really start causing problems."

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The brief overview of what really happened was;
Dice for initiative. Draw. Roll again. I won. Let Steve occupy first etc etc(i can hear groans of WHY WHY but this was my first game with the latest rules so i had to see how bad it could really get for me).
Steve moves Stormboyz to assault my snipers on overwatch. No kills to first fire. Assault goes to Steve with Orks 2 x snipers & 2 x transports against 1 x Stormboyz.
My first move was i had one battery of artillery hitched onto 4.5 tonne half tracks so they moved to set up behind some buildings (i knew it was a risk, i just didn't realise how much).
Steve, first squad of 5 Fighterz flew down same side of table and hit the SPG battery (Basilisk proxies) destroying one gun,place 2 Bm.
Me, the infantry company garrisoned in the rear position opened fire with its heavy support squad and 1 troop stand killing 1 Grot stand, 1 BM (this is how i found out Grot casualties don't cause BM's :shock: ).
Steve, 2nd flight of 4 Fighterz down the other side of the table and opens fire on 2nd SPG not yet activated. Place 1 BM. Nearby mobile flak battery had been garrisoned at start and opened fire on Fighterz, 2 kills (yayy).
Me,2nd SPG battery moves to position and opens fire on Grots n Ork mob in centre of table, 1 BM and loss of 3 Grots.
Steve, armoured column moves down outside edge of table and opens fire on mobile flak battery no.1. Gun lost and BM's.
Me, gunships fly in and head towards (my) rhs of table hoping to use hills as cover.
Steve, 2nd armoured column moves into foothills, opens fire on gunships destroying one(no surviviors), other one turns back to fortified position wearing BM.
Me, Salamander squad deployed during garrison open fire on armour in foothills. 1 hit no casualties.
Steve, scorcher squad moves towards hills.
Me,flight of fighters move onto table and engage Steve's 2nd squad of Fighterz destroying the remaining 2.
Steve, 3nd scorcher squad moves through town and incinerates squad of troopers on edge of position.
Me, Tallearyan company moves through table centre to occupy far ruins and hopefully put a wedge in attacking force. ( now this is where it went tacky).
Steve,Stomper Mob move into town opening up with big guns as they come. I lose 1 IFV and 1 troop stand.
Steve, Landa flies in firing as it comes, 1 more troop stand (hence the BM's were stating to pile up and we needed 2 dice at this point). Then it lands and the Grots and Orks assault. Good news was that I outnumbered Steve 2 to 1 BUT the BM's really put the kybosh on here and we came out about evens i think. I killed 5 Grots and 1 Boyz to my loss of 4 troops and 1 veh.
About now i also found out about a wee small thingy called supporting fire (lol). This hurt as it came from scorchers,armoured column, stomperz and the Landa.
By the time it was over, from a company that started with (from memory) 21 inf stands and 12 vehicles, i was left with 6 vehicles and 11 inf ( i think, steve ????).
By that time it was late so we finished the rallying of which only 1 of mine removed any BM's and the WAAAAAAGH was going to continue on regardless. We had a look at what was left and pretty much agreed that Steve had won since he had at the very least 'broken the spirit' of my largest formation.
From here i learned much and only hope i can rememer it for next time.
:shock: 8)
chers all

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