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 Post subject: The Seeded
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 3:12 am 
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here is a little bit of a story that i wrote after a particulary fun game with a few of my friends . often before and after a geme like this there is quiet a large email trail about the game , highlights tatics and funny bits. this story includes is part battle report and part account of some of the humourous things that happend during that game. i hope you enjoy it

The seeded

The defining crash of thunder sent a crackle through the vox channel as veteran sergeant tellius pulled his armored foot from a muddy sink hole.
“Advance on the ruins ahead, the librarian’s last coms signal originated from there.”
“Understood brother. “
A cool reply issued from Telliuse’s close friend Mikkena, the only member of the squad besides him self left alive.
“Brother Tellius? “
“Yes McKenna? “
“there is only one suit of terminator armor left in the armory , ill put it to good use if you die today , I just wanted you to know that… just in case”
Tellius suppressed a small chuckle, hardly appropriate conduct for the field of battle, Tellius thought to himself.
“Thank you for those kind thoughts … Hold up there, you see what I see? “
Mikkena brought up the ornate bolter to his shoulder and peered intently through the scope. The scopes machine spirit activated the built in auspex at once.
Quickly runes flashed across the scope display, “negative biological” flashed at regular intervals.
On the second story of the derelict building, McKenna saw the tell tail glint of a traitor’s deep blue power armor trimmed in gold. Earlier, while the battle still raged the squad had taken heavy fire from the occupants of the building. Eldritch bolts screamed out toward them from darkened hollow looking windows of this building. Not knowing exactly what they were facing the stern guard poured fire into the structure hopping to flush out the unknown assailants. It was at this point that some raging fury over took brother librarian Cereous.
“Brother Cereous shouldn’t have broken away from the squad like that”
Remarked Mikkena in an off hand tone
“He sensed tainted ones; you know how twitchy those librarians get around the corrupted.”
As the two Sternguard approached the site the full impact of what had taken place here became evident. The librarian Cereous had recklessly charged a full strength squad of traitor marines. The melee must have been furious and short. The traitor’s empty armored forms were shattered and strewn in messy piles. Some were ripped and torn into small pieces, Many as a result to the librarian’s fury others were exploded inward from bolter fire, most likely the grizzly work of the brother space wolf allies on the northern flank.
“I doubt we will find much left of Brother Cereous after what has happened here”
Remarked Tellius to no one in particular.
Both veterans began to dig away at the pile of empty armor pieces with their combat knifes, not wanting to soil their hands with the traitorous litter.
“By the throne … I’ve found him …”
Called Mikkena in an excited voice as he began to hurriedly scrape away at rubble and armor parts. Tellius quickly moved over to assist in the excavation.
Piece by piece the two cleared the rubble from the battered and blood stained armor of Librarian Cereous. As the veterans completed their frenzied digging they stood back in horror as the librarian body was exposed. The librarians left arm had been completely sheared off leaving behind a blood clotted pulsating stump. There were holes on the armor from the infernal bolters used by the traitors. Those wounds, Tellius thought were not enough to completely stop a marine librarian in his tracks.
The killing blow came from a more obvious source. Wedged firmly in the centre of the librarians psychic hood was the enemy sorcerer’s blade. The psychic feedback from such a blow would have killed the librarian instantly, shredding his soul into nothing with the speed of one thought.
“Mikkena… stop gawping, you have seen warriors die before. This is no different.
Remove that cursed thing, Ill calls the apothecary to collect the gene seed and commend his soul to the emperor.”
Brother Mikkena took a moment to respond.
“Understood brother”
Mikkena used his combat knife to leaver the enemy’s weapon from the librarian’s psychic hood. With the sound of squealing metal the thing eased out and fell to the rubble.
Tellius then called over the company vox channel
“This is Sergeant Tellius, priority request for Apothecary in attendance to recover Brother Cereus’s gene seed... do you receive?”
The apothecary replied over the channel in a cool and calm voice.
“Apothecary Vergello here … I will attend momentarily.”
A cold voice reached Tellius through his helmet’s auto senses, taking him a moment to recognize a new voice.
“I believe, sergeant Tellius … that it is customary to recover the gene seed from a brother marine AFTER he has found grace with the emperor, not before.”
The deep rumble of the librarian’s voice shot through Tellius like a melta blast.
Tellius was staring into the open, storm blue eyes of, the now very much alive Librarian Cereous.
“By the emperors chin whisker … he is alive “
Commented Mikkena in an awed voice.
“Shut you blasphemous trap Mikkena”
Snapped Tellius as he bent down closer the librarians crumpled form.
“Sir, can you move?”
Cereous regarded the veteran sergeant for a moment as he flexed the fingers of his sole remaining arm.
“I can …just… pray the apothecary arrives soon. help me up”
As both veterans worked to haul the librarian up from the rubble pile, Cereous seemed to recover some of his strength, though due to the extent of his injuries Tellius suspected it was the librarian’s formidable force of will that kept him on his feet.
“Sergeant … situation report …now!)
The librarian’s order was crisp and clear, causing both stern guards to snap to attention.
“Sir … the wolves hold the north quadrant of the city, compliance in nearly complete. Our objective, to recover our lost brother is only a partial success, I am afraid.”
Anger seemed to pulse from the uncompromising librarian.
“What do you mean… partial success? … How can that be so, a marine either succeeds or does not succeed? Explain you’re self”
Tellius uncomfortably adjusted his bearing under the scrutinizing gaze of the Librarian.
“Sir, as we fought our way to the objective we witnessed something horrible… it seems that our fallen brother was seeded with a daemonic entity some how. As we drew closer the thing tore its way out off brother Barryious’s torso. The thing grew to its full size in a matter of seconds and began to lay waste to the space wolf formation. Sir in all my years I have seen nothing like it. We eventually destroyed the traitorous host along with the daemon but the apothecaries believe that it is too greater a risk to attempt a recovery of our fallen brother’s gene seed.”
Cereous coldly regarded the stern guard for a moment before replying.
“Sergeant … under the circumstances I deem you to have successfully carried out your mission. Go forth from the field of battle today and know that you have served the emperor in good stead.”
On the last word from the librarian a reworked land speeder storm medevac came in to land a few meters away. Two surprised Apothecaries emerged and headed over to assist the librarian into the transport. The two stern guards climbed into the tight confines feeling obliged to escort Cereous back to the company’s strike curser.

Lying still on the apothecary’s slab in the in sterile confines of the medical bay and finally aboard the “Unending Tide”, Cereous mused over the report given by the stern guard sergeant.
“A fallen brother seeded with a Daemonic entity… This bears some careful thought”
Cereous half mumbled to him self, amongst the metallic clatter of surgical servitors.
“Much thought indeed.”
No one noticed the seemingly serine Librarian tightly clutching the enemy’s force weapon in his sole remaining hand.
No one noticed the smell of seared flesh or the small wisp of smoke coming from the fist grasping the weapon.
No one noticed.

I am Alpharius .... no seriously , I am Alparius... the real Alphrius .... you know the primach guy , Alpharius ??? ... c'omon guys I AM ALPHARIUS.

+ Alpharius is the STIG +

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