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Necron Background - WestGamer
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 Post subject: Necron Background
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:38 pm 

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Hey Guys, tried my hand at writing up a small piece of background for the necrons I plan on building, and tried to demonstrate the reasons behind the options in the list.
Below is a short piece of background outlining the arrival of Triarch praetorians arriving on a Tomb World to aid in its re awaking;

Stepping out of a pocket dimension, the Triarch Praetorians made planetfall upon an otherwise dead world.
Their ability to close the gap in on time and space had made the normally lengthy journey between tomb worlds a relatively short one, and the six Praetorians used their gravity dispenser-lifts to gracefully sink down upon the planets surface. Despite their immensely heavy construction, the Triarch Praetorians made little impact upon landing, making careful use of their gravity augmenters.
Cold Metal met cold snow.
The planet was an unending blizzard. Geomantic forces that had taken effect eons ago had turned whatever the planet used to be into little more than rock and ice.
Yet a tomb world lay buried here, and the Praetorians made it a point to waste no time in awakening another Tomb World to continue the Triarch’s commands – reconquest of the galaxy and the reconstruction of the Necrontyr empires.
Wireless interlinks made tracking down the Canoptek component of the lost Tomb World rather simple, codes received and sent from over watching Construction Spyders were picked up by the Praetorians and triangulated to acquire a vector for the location of the missing tomb complex.
Almost immediately, Canoptek Spyders had sent a request for Wraith counterparts to enact upon the intrusion, but the command was halted, replaced with repair commands again.
The Tomb was, for lack of a better word, a mess.
The Geomantic forces which drove the planet into an icey abyss had done the same to the Tomb, now buried in some places under miles of ice. Since the change in climate, Canoptek Spyders, Scarabs, Wraith, centipedal creatures and all sorts of truly robotic entities maintained almost a non-stop repair of the complex. Even keeping the archaic reactors online was a herculean task, let alone initiating the reawaken protocols.
Priority repairs over ruled the reawaken protocols, and this had led to different parts of the same tomb awaking at different times. Even covenants which hibernated together would awake sometimes decades or centuries apart as a new problem would arise, and an army of Canotpek creatures descended to fix the fault.
However, priority had also maintained that the most important members of the tomb would awake first, and so it was that awaiting to greet the Praetorians was the Overlord of the world – Phaeron Rhubikon.
Swathed in royal dressing, his patient and unflinching figured was beset by the frost. Great icicle crystals hung from his frame and throne. Piercing blue eyes, dark like the depths of space itself sat in a skull adorned with a crown of its own. A great stave, a warscythe and symbol of office froze clenched to his fist, still somehow ebbing with ancient energy. The Phaeron was not moving, but he was more than aware.
The six Praetorians, marching in a perfect formation, strode into the chamber and, as one, knelt before the Phaeron.
The very centre Praetorian, otherwise identical to the brethren around him, placed his hand across his chest, bowed his head, and spoke;
“Phaeron Rhubikon, the Triarch wishes to convey a welcomed returned from stasis hibernation”
The Phaeron did not respond. Instead, the Praetorian continued;
“The Praetorians have arrived to intergrate your sect back into the Necrontyr Empire, and ready your crypt for reconquest of the galaxy”
To this, the Phaeron responded. His snapping movement fractured ice crystals about his body, and if he had a breathe, it would be seen on the air.
“Reconquest?” he spat, “Does it not escape you, Rhubikon has no Tomb World to command, no army to command it with, and no slaves to rule over!”
The Praetorians kept their heads bowed, but interjected,
“This is the Triarch’s role. We are to provide you and your crypt with the means to aid you. You will be a valuable assest to the Necrontyr”
At once, Rhubikon realised the true purpose of sending the Praetorians to this frozen rock. They came to secure an alliance with his skills, not with him.
Rhubikon, in life, in fleshy weakness, had been the Necrontyr’s most prestigious architect. His skill in designing, and overseeing the construction of countless monuments had helped make the Necrontyr what it is.
Tomb worlds were built under his guise, slaves toiled under his watch and technology was incorporated into all manner of constructs under his instructions.
The trans-dimensional gates of Szaer, the Pylon Batteries of Lycros, the Crystalline Monolith of Hdriaso, all of these wonders were completed at the command of Rhubikon.
If the Necrontyr were to reconquer the galaxy, the Triarch would need these structures.
It would need Rhubikon.
And yet, Rhubikon needed their aid.
With so many systems frozen beyond repair, or so far down the repair que that it might be another sixty million years before they get attention, Rhubikon needed the Praetorians help.
He needed slaves, and he needed an army.
As he scratched his chin in show, and as flecks of ages old snow came away from his skeletal face, Rhubikon exclaimed,
“Your offer is beneficial, but vague. Rhubikon wants to know the details of this deal”.
“Certainly” the Praetorian replied, and proceeded to lead the Phaeron out into the chilling blizzard. Through the winds, devastating enough to remove the flesh from a mortal, he pointed skyward, focusing upon a single, sickle shape.
“The Triarch blesses you with this to bolster you legion”
Rhubikon scoffed again, “Legion? Rhubikon commands a mere 50 slaves that have successfully awoken hibernation. These automations are more of an army than that”, referring to the constant activity of the Canoptek creatures that surrounded the tomb complex. "A single ship will do naught to impose Rhubikon's status!"
“The Triacrh is not done blessing you Phaeron” the Praetorian chidly remarked.
At that moment, the object presented itself clearly – A Nightscythe.
Piloted by a Necron, it sported two huge Tesla Cannons, capable of firing energized bolts of raw electricity. Underneath its silent engines sat a wormhole gateway, its design mirrored on Rhubikons own trans-dimensional gateways. It was while observing its wormhole gateway that it had activated.
A glean of light, like the rays of a dying sun through a nebula cloud shone from the ebbing crystal matrix. It marked a swath of the ice and snow in a dull blue ring of light. In an instant, and with a flash, Necrons from solar systems away successfully stepped through the gateway, and emerged before Rhubikon from otherwise nowhere.
“These will make an excellent addition to Rhubikon’s efforts” the Phaeron remarked.
After its effects, there, in the snow stood Rhubikon’s new legion.
The Nightscythe circled overhead of a Catacomb Command Barge, a personal chariot for Rhubikon, armed itself with Tesla weaponary. Flanking it either side was a contingent of Immortals, dedicated soldiery of the Necrontyr. Each standing taller then nine feet high, biotransference had created menacing metal beasts. Unwavering in the conditions of the planet, and evidently loyal to their new Phaeron, the Immortals stood with Tesla Carbines arcing with electricity, a symbol of their readiness to complete the Triarch’s will.
The Praetorian turned to the Phaeron, and as a symbol of trust, knelt once more.
“The Triarch blesses you with the raw energy available to this host. A personal Chariot, a Nightscythe of the stars, and the finest soldiery of the Necrontyr are yours to command” He looked up at the lack of reaction from the Phaeron, and proceeded wth this, “Yet, the Triarch felt that you are such and assest to the reconquest of the galaxy, that they bless you with one more thing to command”.
The Phaeron peaked. His interest in more gifts obvious despite the lack of any emotions showing on his galvanized face.
“What are Rhubikon’s other gifts?” he questioned.
The six Praetorians stood and in unison, replied;

What do you think?
Comments/ Criticism welcome

"Let Ye be Warned"
"From Ostermark; your Doom shall be sealed"

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